Welcome to oneirozoo.com.  The word oneirozoo is not in any dictionary – as far as I know.  But if it was, it could mean “dream animal.”  I ‘discovered’ this word while playing with a program I wrote in the early 1990’s called The Thousand-Sided Dice.

I wrote the program originally at the request of my sister, who – among her other talents – is a poet and songwriter.  The program randomly combines a word prefix with a word suffix, selecting from a thousand of each; hence, the name.  When it randomly popped up “oneirozoo” and I realized that it could mean “dream animal” I liked the word so much I bought the domain oneirozoo.com.

A web-based version of the Thousand-Sided Dice, hosted on the same server as this site, went live in September of 2012. There’s a link in the sidebar of this web site, or you can go there directly at ksided-dice.com. Go ahead! Check it out, then let us know what you think.

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